October 1, 2014


As widely earlier discussed and reasoned, our operations went to a standstill by the end of September, 2014.

Neroko is taking a break!
But maybe you still would like to ask something? Comments, feedback, ideas or truly something else on your mind?
Or answer to FAQs: yes, we still have some products left in our inventory for special sale occasions.

Send us an e-mail to info (at) neroko.com

PS We won’t be sending out any mails or news letters as starting from October 1st, 2014. But maybe at some day we will… If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list just in case, please find the form in the bottom left corner. You might be hearing us sooner. Or later. Meanwhile, make sure to become as every-day-happy-joy-joy as you tail-wagging four-legger. Now, that’s a goal worth chasing!

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